inMedia - Middle School

inMedia Highschool is an desktop based educational media application (animation and simulation) which aimed in school's classrom setting. inMedia is user friendly, consistent form layout and featured with help page which support teacher to understand the interactivity in each media. inMedia is designed by stunning graphics which aimed to deliver the learning concept sufficiently and to get the user attention. As we believed that the moment when most student get motivated is when they catch something interesting based on their visual representation.

The subject that covered by inMedia is Math and science, which every topic is viewed by a mind map. The benefit of this media drawer is student can see the link between one concept to another, which is important in meaningful learning. Another advantage is teacher can also see the type of media (animation and simulation) by the thumbnail itself. By learning from the problem that given from the game student is ecourage to improve their learning and memory. The activities (playing the simulation) would pointing out where students run into difficulty, and it is sugested that the teacher doens't providing detailed feedback. The application is also equiped by handout which can be implemented together in a learning framework.

The life cycle of ferns(Dryopterus).

A Work mechanism of hydraulic jack - A device that uses force to lift heavy loads.