inMedia - Elementary

inMedia Elementary is an aplication for math and science animation and simulations for grades 1-6. Over 600 inMedia aligned to the latest standards of Indonesia curriculum help educators bring powerful new learning experiences to the classroom both dekstop and mobile framework. The contents are designed for meaningful learning output. Meaningful learning refers to the concept that the student knowledge eg. fact is fully understood by the student and that the student knows how that specific fact relates to other stored facts.

The subject that covered by inMedia is Math and science, which every topic is viewed by a mind map. The benefit of this media drawer is student can see the link between one concept to another, which is important in meaningful learning. Another advantage is teacher can also see the type of media (animation and simulation) by the thumbnail itself. By learning from the problem that given from the game student is ecourage to improve their learning and memory. The activities (playing the simulation) would pointing out where students run into difficulty, and it is sugested that the teacher doens't providing detailed feedback. The application is also equiped by handout which can be implemented together in a learning framework.

Introduction with new friend.

Learn about the basic shapes and the objects that are related to.