KidApp is a game application for pre-school kids. The game scoped all learning indicator that are required in pre-school education. video games can be a powerful tool to help children develop certain life skills. They can help parents choose appropriate leisure-time games and also help educators seek ways to supplement classroom teaching. Some of the games help children's brain development. Kids had to search, negotiate, plan, and try different approaches to advance. Other certain video games can encourage kids to read and to research.

KidApp's game designed to a colaborative learning from kids. More than 100+ games are included in the product. Most young kids see video games as a social activity, not an isolating one. Video games create a common ground for young kids to make friends; allow kids to hang out; and provide structured time with friends. So that many of the game layout created as circular one. The games is deployed in either dekstop and mobile which give large opportunity in wide area of implementation.

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