Curious Owl - Curious Owl is a series of short animation which explores the unexpected. The series provides endless stream of amazing facts presented as colorful and animated movie. The story of the series include science, history, people, technology and many other part of our life.

Kemo and Nino - Kemo and Nino is a Nomination of INAICTA 2014 for Digital Animation Category, that are part of our works to make a series of nonverbal comic short animation. The series is starring by two character, Kemo the cat and Nino the mouse. The series features comic fights between Kemo and Nino. The plots of each short usually center on kemo's stupidness and the Nino's cleverness.

Tutor Animation - Tutor Animation is a model of training content development (e-Learning) for a company, government, and many other institution. The animation can be aimed to describe the workflow, the operational procedure, safety and many part of organization processes which previously presented in a form of text and simple graphics into a form of beutiful animation.

Mangrove Animation - Mangrove animation is a sample of campaign media, which animation is used to desribe the richness, damage and the importance of Indonesian Mangrove. This type of Animation can be used as a brand/product adversiting, wedding animation, political campaign and many more.